iBeacon – Voice Navigation App

Project Title: iBeacon for blind people

Problem: Movement of blind people within particular location

Solution: Navigation app with voice alerts by using ibeacon technology

We have defined the following features list

  1. Add building map or particular areas information into ibeacon device
  2. Navigation system
  3. To find shortest route during movement from one place to another
  4. Will generate voice message based on navigation system response
  5. Warning voice message when user is moving out of range or taking a wrong turn etc
  6. Get real time information and manipulate to get correct knowledge about surroundings and respond with only meaningful output at that time/location
  7. Google map integration with ibeacon to implement in most crowded locations like bus stations or moving from one crowded location to another one
  8. Information regarding ibeacon covered areas

List of future tasks to implement for everyone, step towards universal app.

  1. Will built map for graphical view
  2. Will add navigation interface along with voice messages functionality (switch behavior or they can use both)

Where money will come?

  1. By selling this app to government organizations for facilitating special children schools/colleges/universities, employees etc
  2. Will also sell this app to private organizations like offices, schools, markets, shopping malls etc
  3. Will integrate voice ads from interested companies or related to specific product for blind people(we will move to generic ads when we move to universal app)

Roles & Responsibilities

Contact Details Roles Responsibilities
Mubashar Iqbal


Programmer & App analyst Will be responsible to create an initial requirements and analysis document. Also responsible to write program to build first prototype.
Godfrey Kingsley


UX/UI Conduct primary research on exploring the behaviours of blind people within the campus.

To help the team understand what will make the app more intuitive, applicable, fun and magical 🙂

Marichka Hensorska


Business analyst & Product Manager Create business model and interact with product stakeholders. Will do market research to find gaps for our product and will find possible solutions to launch in market.
Volodymyr Gensorskyy


Programmer & Tester Program to build first prototype and testing.


  1. Expensive, We don’t know blind people will use this or not, because it will cost expensive.
  2. Hard to implement in all public areas.
  3. Hard to test or need more time for testing & building this app with real blind users/testers.
  4. Violating privacy in certain conditions.

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