iBeacon App Personas

1. Primary Persona

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 blind girl - ibeacon app user  

Name: Ashley
Age: 20 Years
Education: Bachelor
Occupation: Student

Image Source: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/the-most-beautiful-girl-1550740

Ashley is 20 years old a bachelor degree student living with parent and studying English literature. Ashley was 11 years old when she lost her visibility from one eye and rapidly losing the sight in her other eye. At the age of 17, she lost her sight from another eye. Now, She is completely blind but aims are still high.

She has learned computer skills and sometime operate mobile phone independently  because she has learned during her visibility. She also has a dog that assists her move around. She has interests in music & dancing. She often goes to friends dance party in nearest town.


  1. Moving around independently, It has been very challenging for me to find lecture rooms, rest rooms and other needed spots around the university, most of the time I needed my  friend’s assistance which I wish I could do that without disturbing others for me.
  2. Traveling alone, It is difficult to move around in bus stations to catch my own route bus. It is my wish that I could travel alone without being a burden depending on someone’s assistance.
  3. Music skills, I intend to go for violin classes soon at evening time after my college classes, for someday I wish to perform in some orchestra.

2. Secondary Persona

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 blind user - ibeacon app user  

Name: Gabriel
Age: 35 Years
Education: BA
Occupation: Telephone Operator

Image source: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/paul-1440040

Thirty five year old Gabriel is blind from birth, he has interest in science, computer and technical related things. In the age of 18 he had learned typing by using his uncle old typewriter after that he got skills to operate more complex devices like mobile phone (keypad with buttons). At the age of 26 he got his job at science college as a telephone operator.

He is a father of two children (one is 3 year old and 6 years old), his wife died one year ago and now he is living with 60 years old mother. He wants to support the Royal London Society for blind people and also want to help such people to overcome the shortcomings of daily life.


  1. To find an office at my company independently, most of the time I needed an assistance from our company security guard or office boy. And move freely from one office room to another or cafe to meet my friends and lunch break.
  2. To save myself from injuries and road accidents, couple of times I injured due to moving out from underground bus station without knowing the stairs in front of me.
  3. Want to know about my bus number and bus stops during traveling in public transport for moving from my home to office and vice versa.

3. Secondary Persona

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 james - blind man and ibeacon app user  

Name: James
Age: 69 years old
Education: Master
Occupation: Retired High School Teacher

Image source: https://goo.gl/r5g0Xm

James was a healthy man with full visibility and had worked in government secondary schools for the past 20 years, after the age of 52 before his retirement he inspected “Cataract”. And after 60s his eyesight gradually began to lose focus and now he has very low visibility or almost no visibility.

He underwent an eye surgery but with very little progress. He has 2 children and 3 grandchildren. James now depends on his gratuity and certain investments he has. He enjoys traveling to new places for shopping and to visit historical places to get knowledge about history. And also prefer to play and spend time with grandchildren on weekends. 


  1. I want to visit my grandchildren, they live in the housing society located in center of the city, housing society have lot of traffic and confusing roads & streets network.
  2. I would like to go for shopping alone and independently and want to know the location of my desired items.

4. Secondary Persona

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 Alex - blind girl and ibeacon device user  

Name: Alex
Age: 17 years old
Education: A Level’s
Occupation: Student

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/68674159@N03/7866839792/in/photostream/

Alex was born a healthy child, but when she turned 11 she got into a car accident with her parents. It was severely damaged and lost one leg and now she is using crutches during walking. She is a brilliant student and studying A levels, have lot of skills to operate all modern mobile phone devices and computer machines.

She has interest in artificial intelligence and video games and want to become a game developer. She loves to socialize and to interact with their peers, to visit exhibitions and go for shopping.


  1. I have an interest in shopping and want to know about product discounts and details through voice message without holding mobile phone at hand by watching at screen
  2. I want to know about the possible shortest routes but can’t hold mobile phone all the time in rushy and new areas during walking.

2 thoughts on “iBeacon App Personas

  1. Some questions / comments about your personas, that I will ask from you in the lesson:

    1) My first impression is that you are trying to address several different contexts: navigating inside buildings, navigating in public transportation, and shopping. Maybe it makes sense to focus on one specific context?

    2) Why have you chosen Ashley as a primary persona?

    3) Ashley and Gabriel seem to have quite similar goals. What is the main difference between them that requires Gabriel as a secondary persona?

    4) It would be good to summarize goals in a few words.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am commenting on these questions as we have discussed in our class.

      1. Yes, but idea is the same, it means, we have described by using different places/locations, like navigating in specific building that means it may be an university or office building or shopping mall and navigation in public transportation again is a specific area/building.

      So, the idea is the same to facilitate blind people in iBeacon covered specific areas. Our Alex personas goals are little bit out of the main idea but still have good meanings to address such people.

      2. We have chose Ashley as our primary persona because the goals of Ashley are completely addressing our application main goals.

      3. Gabriel is our secondary persona because he is working in a company and his office is located in a specific static place but Ashley is studying in an university and has different class rooms and her course related offices situated at different locations and movement is a main problem for her in such places.

      4. We have discussed in class, do we need to update in this blog post as well?


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