Ashley: Problem scenario

New student trying to find her way in the university

Ashley is a new student at the city university, she is on her way to school as she has two very important classes to take, she is pretty unhappy as she recollects her previous experiences in finding her way from the university entrance and navigating to where she has her class and more so, even more difficult to find restrooms.

Ashley gets to the university and walks in using her white cane, she probes with it for nearby objects and walks very slowly so as not to with experience so she doesn’t bump into any obstacle. This is a new class she enrolled for and she manages to find her way to the elevator by assistance and help of one lady and pushes the 3rd floor. On getting out of the lift, she gets very confused, but decides to take the left turn, after walking about 100 meters,  she stops and calls out to the nearest person for assistance. She asks “how do I find room A303 please?” This dampens her spirit as she hates being a burden to anyone.

She was led to class and manages to get her mood right but the thought of leaving alone to the next class and the likelihood she may want to use the restroom hovers on her mind and makes her gloomy.


  1. Does this problem scenario addressing the exact problem?
  2. Is this application idea looking realistic?
  3. What do you want to change/add in this application?
  4. Would you require vibration alerting system as well in this application?
  5. Would you encourage blind people for using this application?
  6. In which places you would do prefer to implement this app?

3 thoughts on “Ashley: Problem scenario

  1. Scenario should be written so that it can be understood without knowing the personas. You should specify in the first sentence that Ashley is a blind girl. I can’t put myself to Ashley’s role, but the problem description seems to be accurate.

    Questions 2…6 don’t really make sense for this scenario. You might rather want to ask questions such as “What kind of other problems could visually impaired people face in public buildings such as universities?”.

    Also, the scenario should have a title that is shortly summarizing the content, eg “New student trying to find her way in the university”.


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