Gabriel: Activity scenario

Navigation Scenario

One day Gabriel comes at office after installing iBeacon devices, he is first time going to use Voice-iLocater he grab out the mobile phone from the pocket and puts the earphones and started application.

Now he is connected with iBeacon devices via mobile phone app and started following voice navigation messages he is enjoying by using this feature, his colleagues are noticing him, finally he got his office room by tackling small issues (because he is using this app first).

His colleagues start clapping for him and praising for his first successful movement by using mobile app without dedicated assistance from another source/colleague.

Now, he is feeling motivated, confident and wants to know more about other features list of this application.


  1. Do you have any new ideas after reading this scenario?
  2. Do you want to change something in this scenario?
  3. Do you think this application will help blind users in real meanings?
  4. What you feel about this application?

4 thoughts on “Gabriel: Activity scenario


    The challenges faced by Rita in finding her way within the complex university building has been enormous especially when trying to locate places she has never been to, it is quite confusing even for students with clear vision and for Rita being a blind student, it is such an uphill task finding her way to departments, classrooms, restrooms and so on. Recently, however, she was informed about the ibeacon navigation app by her course coordination who explained to her with a voice full of concern and excitement that ibeacons were just recently installed in the university.

    With the application installed on her phone, she enters into the university the next day and gets an automatic notification that a connection has been made with the ibeacons and that she can now search a location. She swipes and taps on the screen and get instant audio messages on each action, she locates the faculty of art and then chooses to locate the music room, this is somewhere she has tried going to twice but had difficulties finding her way on both occasions. Now she gets seamless directions on the distance to the room and how to walk her way there using landmarks in the descriptions which makes it very easy for her. She finds her way to her destination without hassles for the first time.

    As a lover of music, this is one room she would like to visit often and probably register for a piano class later on. She fiddles with the application and becomes ecstatic to realize that it has the option to bookmark recently searched places or new places. She quickly bookmarks the music room, this feature ensures that she does not have to search for this room the next time but to simply open her bookmark and tap on it.

    Is this scenario realistic?
    Are there any issues with this scenario that needs to be addressed?
    Does the bookmark feature add value to the application or is it uncalled for?
    Should this feature be on the home screen of the app interface or someplace else?


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