James: Interaction Scenario

Shortest route scenario

James goes to bank for collecting his pension and mostly use elevator near to entrance gate stairs those go to 4th floor but far away from pension collection office(extreme right corner) and they don’t know about the shortest route to get office at 4th floor of the bank and he is using the same route from last 6 months.

The society where grandchildren lives is a iBeacon covered area and James son installed an app for him to navigate himself by using voice commands. One day James goes to bank for collecting his pension after a moment Voice-iLocater starts triggering voice messages because bank office is also an iBeacon covered area.

He listened that application commanding him to take left and after 10 steps there is an elevator, he follows the instructions and reached at 4th floor in front of office without any assistance. First time James get knowledge about this elevator, he is feeling comfortable and happy by knowing that bank is an iBeacon covered area.


  1. Do you like this application and how much will helpful for blind people?
  2. Do you have any blind friend or person around you which you recommend this application?
  3. Any special thing you want to share with us?

3 thoughts on “James: Interaction Scenario

  1. So far non of the scenarios has described how the user can control the application. This scenario adds very little new information about the application to the second scenario.

    There are probably other important features of the application that could be described with a scenario. For example “Being lost in the university” (user feels lost in the university, opens app and tells that she is lost, app tells her approximate location and proposes 1..3 closest well known locations such as lifts, lobby, etc).



    James is a blind old pensioner; this makes him go to bank monthly for collecting his pay. The building where the bank is situated is a large and complex structure. James has to find his way to the inner elevator at a corner some 30 meter from the entrance, on the 3rd floor, he has to locate the pensions and loans office on the gallery which has a couple of ways to arrive at it.

    The building has ibeacons and James grandson who is aware of this helped him installed the ibeacon navigation app. On James next visit to the bank, as he enters the building, he gets instant notification of the connection to the ibeacons. He launches the app and voice message informs him of his location, this gives a feeling of assurance to be sure of exactly where he was, furthermore the app mentions nearby locations, stating that the reception hall is just 10 meters to the left and a male rest room is 20 meters after 4 doors by the right from his location. And then the voice asks where he will like to go to in the building. He selects the office for the pensions and loans and gets a voice message notifying him of a couple of routes and then details for the shortest route, he uses the shortest route feature by simply tapping on the screen after swiping to to scroll.

    He walks by following the voice directions and he is so surprised that there is actually a shortest route to get to this office but unknown to James he has been going through the longer way for the past 4 months ever since he started coming to the office.


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