iBeacon – Scenario based design session

Design Session Summary

Designer — Godfrey Kingsley.

Date: 28/02/2016


The session was carried out at Focus building,Telliskivi 57, with students from different academic backgrounds, countries and age. We had a session of approximately 1 hour 15 mins, with 3 participants, student and professional categories.

Participant 1: Our first participant was a female from Korea, studying at Tallinn university and a taekwondo teacher.

Participant 2: A female from Nigeria, a fashion designer and student at Tallinn University of Technology

Participant 3: A Ghanaian PHD student at Tallinn University.

For ensuring the privacy of participants and participants data, consent forms were given to each participant to read and sign which they all did gladly.

Here the link of consent form we compiled for them:


Furthermore, permission was taken from participants to have an audio recording of the session, which they all gladly complied with. Our project objective was explained briefly and each scenario was handed over to participants one by one.

I handed the scenario copy without questions one by one to each participant and have one with questions, I have explained the idea of ibeacon navigation app and were given enough time to read and understand the idea, concept. (I repeated this process for each scenario)

After thorough reading and understanding I engaged them with my study, questions and discussion. Below I have noted the overall impressions and concerns raised during design session.

James: Shortest route scenario

Topics discussed: Likely changes to be implemented, Suggestions on scenario, interest in future design session

concerns raised and Impressions

  • How would iBeacons trigger messages to the app? Would it be a beep or some notification that would entail the user to press some buttons to hear the message entered or would voice messages just keep coming in
  • Confusion as to how app would actually work to find the shortest route and explain the different routes but suggest the fastest path
  • Participants indicated willingness to be involved in future design sessions and to give suggestions with the prototype
  • Scenario is realistic as agreed by all

Gabriel: Navigation Scenario

Topics discussed: Likely changes to be implemented, Suggestions on scenario, what interests you about this application

concerns raised and Impressions

  • Participants were generally impressed with the concept
  • What do small issues refer to in the scenario?
  • Generally agreed that the app will be useful for blind users

Alex: Wrong direction scenario

Topics discussed: Additional type of controls, added features, recommend the app to blind users, interest in assisting with future design sessions, interests you about this scenario

concerns raised and Impressions

  • Would blind people have to type when using the app or speak to it in someway
  • If user is somehow turned in the wrong direction and app says turn left when user for instance is backing the direction of iBeacon, wouldn’t that be somewhat confusing
  • They agreed to have this app recommended to all blind people
  • Voice alert is a very good feature

Ashley: Navigation Scenario

Topics discussed: Places to have this navigation system implemented. What can be changed/modified?

concerns raised and Impressions

  • Implementation of the app was suggested mainly for university and malls and any building with likely confusions for blind people
  • Participants all agreed that the scenarios were realistic and addresses a real problem

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