iBeacon Application Screen Shots

1. Home Screen

It includes only two main tap-able areas, first Exit button and second one start connection button. Both buttons generate voice message when tap.

Home screen

2. Main navigation screen

From this screen user can select different options and each option generate audio voice alert when tap.

main navigation screen

3. Current Location

When user clicks on current location button from previous screen, he/she navigate to this page where all the information listed about his/her current location and each message has audio.

Current Location screen

4. Building listing

This screen appears when user want to search new location.

building Listing screen

5. Search screen

When user clicks on the desired building,  the application navigate to this search page with one input and find button.

Room search Screen

6. Search screen with keypad

When user tap in input field keypad open in bottom for entering desired room number.

Room Search with Keypad

7. Search Results

Here the screen of user search results, if user enter 101 it means room number 101 and it is on first floor, same if the user enter 201 then it means second floor room number 201. In this technique, we have removed one more screen from our application where we asked about desired floor number from user.

From this screen user can also bookmark searched location by tapping at Bookmark Location button.

Room search results

8. Bookmarked Location

Bookmarked location screen where application list bookmarked location for future use.

Bookmarked Locations